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Allevamento Cani di Terranova di Giovanni Carullo - Avellino           Newfoundland Kennel breeding - Giovanni Carullo - Avellino - Italy
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  • Poem for Kajal
    I`m still feeling the pain
    when I think
    that one day
    you`ll be just a memory.
    You`ll go away.
    Like the gulls
    to the boundless sea.
    Will remain the memories
    of the past cheerfulness.
    and a portrait of you on the wall
    to watch every day.
    Will keep me company
    your black-amber coloured profile,
    your delicate eyes
    of a everpuppy.
    And I`ll feel you so close to me
    that will talk again,
    as we have ever done.
    Because when all end
    but remain the memory,
    and the memory is strong :
    Never! All has been will never end!.
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