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Allevamento Cani di Terranova di Giovanni Carullo - Avellino           Newfoundland Kennel breeding - Giovanni Carullo - Avellino - Italy
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  • About us

    The first time I met a dog of that breed was in 1990. The story started in a magic land, the Salento, and maybe this is another reason why this experience touched my heart so deeply. It all happened in the living-room of a fellow-worker’s house:
    “Are you afraid of puppies?”
    I didn’t even have the time to answer: on the other side of the room a black huge mountain of hair had already appeared, a slow and silent giant moving towards us. Puppies he said? It sniffed me apparently absent-minded and curled itself up in front of the sofa I was sitting on. I didn’t even know which breed he belonged to – I had had many half-breed dogs, I had ever longed having a big dog around but what I had ever liked where shepherd dogs, especially the Abruzzi Maremmas and Bergamo ones and bob-tails. I had even considered the Komondor but from then on all my wishes flowed together in the big eyes of that dog lying in front of me I was staring at.. Let’s call it love at first sight: from that day on I could never say the word “dog” without meaning Terranova.
    Only a few days later my adventure with Kajal (Fekete-Pataki Belizar) begun. He seemed not an exceptionally standarded dog, and as to be sincere I didn’t even know what a standard was; he had not an exclusive pedigree, maybe I took it with me without thinking to much about what I was really doing, but the adventure starting that 1st of April with that 40 days old hair flock and lasting for the following twelve years was and stays the most extraordinary. I remember me weighing it on the kitchen balance (3 kiloes), feeding it with biscuits crumbled in milk and buying a car it could fit in. Then Anna arrived, the only one except me who was incredibly allowed to hold it by the leash. It had made its choice: Anna would have become my wife and soon after I’d have got to know that it was born the 14th of February too.
    In 2002 Cajita (At Water Jumpin’ Jack Flash) arrived. It was hard looking for a name being as musical as the one of the other dog., but we finally found it. It made a long journey, from Portugal through France and then by plane from Bergamo to Naples. Not possible to imagine the astonishment of Chico, our half-breed home dog when it saw Cajita coming out of the travel cage. It must have thought: - Kajal, how smaller you have become! - Cajita comes from a glamorous dog farm and has noble pedigree; I started enjoying going to dogs exhibitions again with it, where not only prizes and results matter but mostly big satisfaction coming from nice words and pats from people approaching us and you don’t really care if one more of those pats ruffles its head hair just set up for the big ring entry.
    - It’s always the most beautiful one – you hear them saying.
    - It looks lovely – And also people usually frightened by dogs pet it. And you fulfil with proud because you know that the real beauty of Terranova stays in a mixture of how it looks and what it has inside and that this uniqueness comes from its own way to look at people that no other dog has.
    - A distinguished member of human society – Lord Byron wrote and maybe he was right. With no doubt he was. I hope Cajita is soon going to give us puppies; I hope to dedicate to this dog breed the love and care and passion I never set aside, despite time I had to dedicate to my children, my job, my studies. And this wish in my heart, I dedicate this website to the memory of Kajal , cause I want other dogs same breed to follow its steps and feel protected under its shade, continuing this never ending mutual love story.